Discography: (DE) Covielo Classics New CD Release: "LA BATAILLE D'AMOUR Tabulatures & Chansons of the French Renaissance" (Nov. 2015) (Maria Ferré · Renaissance guitar, lute & direction)

Contributed by admin on Dec 04, 2015

"The desire of Maria Ferré was to combine two of the most important instruments for her, which have accompanied her during her musical career – the Renaissance lute and Baroque guitar – led her on her path towards the Renaissance guitar. The “master instrument” lute thereby profited from the sincere energy of the guitar.  ...

Unfortunately, there is not such a wide repertoire available for the Renaissance guitar as for other related plucked instruments. Ferré’s aim to exploit the potential of this instrument to its full range and her interest in unknown music played a significant role in the selection of the pieces for this recording and she decided to arrange works specifically for the Renaissance guitar."

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