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News 2015: (US) Flavorwire Article: "Is Cinema Doing Shakespeare Right?"

Contributed by admin on Dec 13, 2015

"... When it comes to adapting Shakespeare for film, fidelity to the source material is considered paramount – even if that clashes with the vision of the filmmaker in charge. One criticism that could be leveled at Justin Kurzel’s gritty, grotty take on Macbeth is that the realistic edge the director brings to the project is blunted whenever a character opens their mouth to speak.  ...

... Whereas filmmakers feel comfortable taking artistic license when adapting novels or the works of most other playwrights, there’s an unwritten rule that Shakespearean dialogue is so precious as to be locked in, that the stories cannot be tampered with in any significant way. ..."

Visit the Flavowire website to read the full critical article on the use of Shakespeare's prose ... or not ... in film adaptation.