Workshops/Festivals 2016

Workshops/Festivals 2016: (ES) 5th International Course on Medieval Music Performance (8-23 Jul 2016)

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Location: Besalú, Spain

"The International Course on Medieval Music Performance offers singers and instrumentalists the possibility to study monophonic and polyphonic repertoires composed in the 12th and 13th centuries. The course masterfully combines rigorous musicological research with a vibrant reconstruction of performance practice.

The main objectives are ...

  • The study of different repertoires composed between 1100 and 1300.
  • The interpretation of the different music notational systems that record the repertoires.
  • The study of a historically-informed ways of singing and playing musical instruments that are appropriate for the different repertoires of the course. This includes vocal production, articulation, diction, tuning, and ornamentation.
  • The development of ensemble techniques appropriate to the performance of each repertoire.
  • The production of a concert for the closing of the course (Chant Program and Voices & Instruments Program).

The following workshops are being offered:

Medieval Languages for Performers: Intro to Latin (July 8-9)
Pythagorean Tuning Workshop (July 8-10)
Liturgical Chant: Easter Plays from Carmina Burana (July 9-10)
Voices & Instruments: Carmina Burana (July 11-15)
Chamber Music Sessions (July 11-15)
Conductus Workshop (July 16-17)
Manuscript to Performance: Materializing the Song (July 19-23)

Visit the 5th International Course on Medieval Music Performance website for more information of the various specific workshops being offered. Book early!