Dance: (ES) Xuriach Dance Courses with Anna Romaní at the d’Història de Catalunya (8,15,22,29 Jan, 5 Feb 2016)

Contributed by admin on Dec 20, 2015

Location: Museo d’Història de Catalunya, Pl. de Pau Vila, 3 (Palau de Mar), 08003 BARCELONA

Xuriach in collaboration with the Museum of History of Catalonia, proposes an annual course on ancient dance of the masters of dance between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries which have reached us through treaties and manuscripts, or through forms of oral tradition. ...

The courses are organized in 3 modules, one in each trimester of the year. Each module offers 5-6 classes indicated for each trimester. This second trimester presents "La Belle Dance" where the participants will learn from the notation of the "Beauchamp-Feuillet,, the basics for writing and reading scores from the Belle Danse with reflection on writing dance and deepening technical aspects of style.

The course is Intended for students with previous experience in baroque dance.

Visit the Xuriach website for more information.