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News 2015: (US) The New York Times Article: "In Handel’s ‘Messiah,’ the Trumpet as Divine Agent" (by Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheimdec 17, 2015)

Contributed by admin on Dec 22, 2015

"COMING late in Handel’s “Messiah,” the glittering instrumental solo in “The Trumpet Shall Sound” is one of the most recognizable trumpet parts in music. This time of year, its rousing opening fanfare and serenely gleaming lyrical passages can be heard in concert halls and churches all over the country, part of a bass aria that becomes one of this beloved oratorio’s emotional highlights, charged with hope, mystery and awe. ...

These days, the solo is most commonly played on a modern piccolo trumpet, a small, tightly coiled instrument — with two feet of tubing to the Baroque trumpet’s seven — that produces an incisive, citrusy-bright sound. The more sweetly toned Baroque version, by contrast, is long and straight — and, most important, devoid of the valves that on modern instruments enable players to hit and evenly tune all the notes of a scale. ..."

Visit The New York Times website to read the full article as well as interview notes with John Thiessen and Crispian Steele-Perkins.