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News 2016: (US) Unquiet Thought Blog: "Saturday morning quotes 5.34: Influences (by Ron or Donna, 09 Jan 2016)

Contributed by admin on Jan 11, 2016

"... In early music, one tends to be influenced by the insights of scholars at least as much as by performers—moreso in the case of the present writer.  My (RA) influences can be be easily discerned simply by reading through some five year's worth of weekly blog posts.   ...

But the writings of Margaret Bent, Bonnie Blackburn, Howard Mayer Brown, Edward Doughtie, David Fallows, Edward Lowinsky, Reinhard Strohm, John Ward, Rob C. Wegman and Christoph Wolff have preoccupied much of my time over the last several years.  A musicologist whose writing had an enormous influence on my understanding of music for voice and lute is Daniel Heartz, whose introduction to ..."

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