Early Music Concerts 2015-2016

Early Music Concerts 2015-2016: (CA) The Record Article: " Acclaimed baroque trumpeter returns to Waterloo for a special concert" (by Valerie Hill, 20 Jan 2016)

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"Apparently, it was the trumpet itself that was largely to blame for the death of J.S. Bach's primary trumpeter, Gottfried Reiche, in 1737.

The much-storied tragedy happened the day after a particularly gruelling concert when Reiche simply dropped dead of a stroke while walking on the street and the story has since been used as an example of how truly difficult baroque-era trumpets are to play. ...

Like an athlete, New York-based baroque trumpet master John Thiessen must stick to a physical fitness regime, with lots of deprivations, in order to remain in top shape.

"I do stretches, no coffee before a concert, more protein and vegetables," said Thiessen. "Physically, you have to be smart and strict." ...

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