Discography: (FR) L'Encelade CD Release: "Le Voyage d'Allemagne by Emmanuell Guigues, Viole de Gambe" (Feb 2016)

Contributed by admin on Feb 12, 2016

"This album is a journey into the German school of music for solo viola de gamba and takes place in the years between 1705 and 1729. There are twenty-four years of music history between the earliest and latest pieces, namely the works by Schenck (1660 - 1712) and Telemann (1681 - 1767) respectively. In its own way, the programme symbolises the place occupied by instrumental music both in Germany and in Northern Europe as a whole in the first quarter of the 18th century. It is a landscape which shows the wide range of different influences on this repertoire - whether English, French or Italian - not to mention the extraordinary flowering of the German organ school and its stylus fantasticus. ...

It is a journey into a period peopled by so many virtuosi, at a time when the craft of making instruments was throwing off its shackles and developing at an extraordinary pace. The choice of a transcription of a suite by Bach (1685-1750) for cello is the culmination of a major project upon which Emmanuelle Guigues first embarked with an album devoted to the composer – released ten years ago now - and which presented the prelude to the Fifth Suite, which is now completed on this album.

The project was the result of coming across both an exceptional instrument and an exceptional venue. The viol is an instrument made by Edward Lewis (London, between 1660 and 1690) and the venue is the oldest Carolingian church in Périgord, in the commune of Vicq."

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