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News 2016: (FR) Article: "Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782" (by Michel Rusquet)

Contributed by admin on Feb 12, 2016

From a recent newsletter item, Michel Rusquet's fourth chapter from his "Three Centuries of Instrumental Music: A Journey of Discovery ... IV "Between Bach and Mozart""

In this instalment, Michel Rusquet takes a closer look at Johann Christian Bach's early beginnings to later influence and departure from his father's music style. "It made him the "London Bach" or even "the Bach of Milan". With this "youngest" of the son of the great Bach, we skip a generation, and - this explains it a bit - it deviates significantly from the family traditions." (Google Tranlsation) ...

Michel Trusquet's compilation of the facts of JC Bach's life are quite interesting and peppered with inviting audio examples from various early music ensembles.

Visit the website to read the full article in French or visit the Google English translated version (there are quite a few translation errors, however, the gist of the article can, at most times, be accurately interpreted by the reader. -- Marc Paré, editor)