Workshops/Festivals 2016

Workshops/Festivals 2016: (CA) 12ième Édition Festival Chants de Vielles (1-3 Jul 2016) (Crowdfunding initiative)

Contributed by admin on Feb 15, 2016

Location: Saint-Antoine-Sur-Richelieu, Québec, CA

"Festival Chants de Vielles takes place in the lovely, country setting of Montérégie, in a quaint and historic Québec village. The 12th edition promises, from July 1, 2 & 3, 2016, tasty, nourishing discoveries, fantastic meet-ups and deeply-rooted exchanges and will bring you a fresh and delicious musical harvest, providing a place for sharing and learning on a human scale.  ...

(From a recent newsletter post on the Chants de Vielles crowdfunding initiative)

"Dear friends of the Festival,

As you can imagine, the preparations for the 12th Annual Chants de Vielles are well under way. The programming team is finding artists that will move your body and soul, while the organizing committee is working on logistics to welcome you properly and make you comfortable.
To make all this come to life, we obviously need to find adequate financing. Just before Christmas holidays, we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign, with a goal of $ 6,000. Now that the festivities are over, we are promoting the campaing more and more to make it successfull!
The crowfunding is more than a donation campaign. It is everyone putting shoulder to the wheel for a project that is important to us.

Since its inception, Chants de Vielles has been inclusive and participatory. We put the people at the heart of the festival. Everyone who wants to meet others and enjoy life.

So today, we come to you with the same openness, the same desire to include you in the adventure.

Become a backer of the 12th Annual Chants de Vielles by making a contribution to the project. Each amount has its reward; and above all, each amount account.

Thank you!

The Chants de Vielles Board of Directors
PS : Have you seen the list of rewards? It makes you a « backer » right away!

Visit the Chants the Vielles website for more information of the group and event plans.

Visit the Chants de Vielles crowdfunding website for information of the group's funding initiatives.