Discography: (US) Wired Magazine Article: "Music Can’t Last Forever, Not Even on the Internet" (by Klint Findley, 17 Feb 2016)

Contributed by admin on Feb 18, 2016

"... The trouble is that, even as music has become more durable, it has—paradoxically—also become more ephemeral. Your physical records don’t evaporate if the store you bought it from closes shop or the record label that published them goes out of business. If a streaming music company goes under, a stockpile of important cultural artifacts could go with it. ...

It’s too early to write the obituary for SoundCloud, but it isn’t the only audio service struggling to make ends meet. Last November, Rdio confirmed that it would file for bankruptcy sell its assets to Pandora.

Now Pandora itself is rumored to be for sale. Spotify, meanwhile, may be looking for a $500 million cash infusion. Losing SoundCloud, however, would be a bigger cultural blow than losing another of the major streaming sites. ...

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