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News 2016: (ES) La Nueva España Article: "Forma Antiqva" Performs in an Episode of "El Ministerio del Tiempo" (17 Feb 2016)

Contributed by admin on Feb 17, 2016

News from "La Nueva España" online website that the group "Forma Antiqva" will perform in an episode of  "El Ministerio del Tiempo". The popular series is seen by more than 2.8 spectators raising the profile of the early music group ...

The appearance of early music groups in such productions is not unknown, although, in this particular case, the reach of such a large number of audience members will indeed raise Forma Antiqva's profile by quite a large margin. Congratulations go out to Forma Antiqva for their involvement in the series! (Marc Paré, editor)

Visit the La Nueva España website to read the full article.