Conferences 2016

Conferences 2016: (FR) Paris in France "Balls and Banquets" -- a series of conferences around gastronomy and dance!

Contributed by admin on Feb 18, 2016

Three encounters led by Alan Jones, author of the "Dictionnaire du désir de la bonne chère" Champion of 2012.

Come enrich yourself of the customs of the table, and dancing (if you wish) a few steps from Italian Renaissance or unusual musical repertoire as rarely heard of as the recipes! ...

The 2nd conference "table of Choreography in the Baroque era" will be held Saturday, March 12 from 18:30 to 20:30 at 6 rue Juliette Dodu, Paris 10.

The 3rd and last conference "Masterpieces of the company" will take place Saturday, April 16 from 18:30 to 20:30 at Anjaliom Centre, Paris 19.

Visit the website for more information and of availability. Register early!