News 2016

News 2016: (US) Wired Magazine Article: "This Huge Cat’s Cradle Embodies the Great Fugues of Bach" (by Liz Stinson, 02 Feb 2016)

Contributed by admin on Feb 21, 2016

"... If cat’s cradle has a musical equivalent, it would be the fugue. In classical music, the fugue is often considered the most complex form a piece could take. To the untrained ear, it sounds simple, but it’s anything but. In a fugue, a series of independent voices and instruments extrapolate on a common theme, simultaneously competing and complementing each other, but ultimately coming together to create an interwoven tapestry of sound. ...

... And so, he began thinking about how he might design a life-sized cat’s cradle for the performance. It would need to be big (the stage is 30 feet by 18 feet), and it would need to be stretchy. It would also need to move. ..."

Visit the Wired Magazine website to read the full article as well as to view some video clips of this clever stage rendition of Bach's fugues.