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News 2016: (UK) The Royal College of Music Secures Rare Gagliano Violin

Contributed by admin on Mar 16, 2016 - 11:52 PM

"The Royal College of Music has secured the permanent loan of a 1758 Nicolò Gagliano violin, the only known remaining violin in its original Baroque set-up.

Chair and Head of Historical Performance at the RCM, Professor Ashley Solomon, says ‘Violin students in the Historical Performance Faculty at the Royal College of Music will benefit from this extraordinarily generous long term permanent loan of an original Nicolo Gagliano violin from 1758. Each term a new student will be given the instrument to play, enabling a growing community of violinists to share this unique instrument and learn from its rich historical heritage. This is not only a very valuable instrument but quite rare as it remains in its original 18th century set-up.’  ...

The instrument has been loaned to the RCM by an anonymous charitable benefactor who has said, ‘We think that making this instrument available for students in the Historical Performance Faculty at the Royal College of Music is the best possible use for it, and we are delighted that this has become possible.

The violin, which was made in Cremona, Italy, retains its original neck and has had no internal alternations. Previously in a private collection, it was acquired by its current owner in 2011 and has not been played since.

The instrument is an exceptional addition to the RCM’s already remarkable stringed instrument collection, which comprises many eminent Italian, English and French makers, including Gagliano, Amati, Goffriller, Tononi, Guadagnini, Forster, Hill, Betts and Vuillaume. With up to 400 years in their history, this collection is a significant asset to the College, and greatly enhances and assists students’ studies.

The RCM is very grateful to the anonymous benefactor for the loan of the 1758 Gagliano violin.

Visit the RCM website [2] for more information and photos of the instrument.


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