Discography: (US) Unquiet Thoughts Blog: "Saturday morning quotes 5.45: Recording 2016" (26 Mar 2016)

Contributed by admin on Mar 26, 2016

"... Six years of performing live and recording have passed since the original post and we pause to consider those many dimensions.   In the interim the entire field of making and distributing recordings has been turned on its head, and we revisit the topic with some additional insights and observations from a few different perspectives. ...

... Despite this very modern standard of manufactured perfection, we are committed to performing music that has genuine human emotional content. We are also committed to working with a minimum of technological interference, and our current recording projects are all completely live—meaning we perform each piece until it is right from start to finish.  The resulting recording may not be absolutely perfect, but it is perfectly human."

Visit the Unquiet Thoughts website to read the full blog post on the challenges and successes of recording the lute.