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News 2016: (UK) The Telegraph Article: "Dressing up for Opera at Glyndebourne" (by Hannah Furness, 26 Mar 2016)

Contributed by admin on Mar 26, 2016

"For some it is the quintessential scene of the British summertime; for others, proof positive that the world of opera is elitist and out of touch.

But the sight of opera-lovers donning their black tie to picnic on the lawns of Glyndebourne should not worry anyone unduly, according to its chairman, as he offers a spirited defence against snobbery. ...

 Gus Christie, the grandson of Glyndebourne’s founder who is now responsible for its running, said opera audiences should dress smartly to show respect to the artists on stage, and choose to do so thanks to the British love of ceremony.

He added there are now few opportunities for people to wear their finest clothes, arguing people simply "like to make an effort”." ...

Visit The Telegraph website to read the full article ... ahem ... should you be dressed up or down to read this article?