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News 2016: (UK) The Stage Article: "Phil Willmott: Is it okay to challenge a bad review?" (by Phil Willmott, 07 Apr 2016)

Contributed by admin on Apr 10, 2016

"Diminishing broadsheet arts coverage of anything beyond the West End means you’re unlikely to get a print review if you’ve no track record. A new play by an unknown writer at an unfashionable venue? Forget it. And there are no listings magazines anymore ...

so you're reliant on bloggers who, alas, no one reads, except their cat and your cast. Still, the star ratings and quotes are useful when they're good and you can build up a critical mass that may help sell your show.

When they're not good the big problem is search engines. Because whether you're reviewed by the esteemed critic of the Daily Planet or, when Joe Public searches for your listings on line the first thing he turns up could be some snotty review. " ...

Visit The Stage website to read the full insightful article on arts scene reviews.