Discography: (ES) Alia Vox News: "Marquise, Direction Musicale Jordi Savall" (Recorded Aug 1996, Mar & Jun 1997)

Contributed by admin on Apr 16, 2016

News from Alia Vox that "for the first time, in our web, now available" the audio version of "Marquise" (Recorded Aug 1996, Mar et Juin 1997, Castle of Cardona (Catalonia, ES) by Nicholas Bartholomée assisted by Hugues Deschaux)

"Marquise is a 1997 French dramatic film directed by Véra Belmont, and starring Sophie Marceau, Bernard Giraudeau, and Lambert Wilson. Written by Jean-François Josselin, Véra Belmont, Marcel Beaulieu, and Gérard Mordillat, the film is about a glorious dancer and actress who rises from obscurity to win the hearts of some of France's most prominent citizens, including Moliere, Racine, and King Louis XIV. ...

She is helped in her career by a rotund comic, who falls in love with her, marries her, and brings her to Paris to launch her career. Despite her intimate involvement with other men, she keeps a special place in her heart reserved only for her unlikely spouse. Set in seventeenth century France, the film was shot on location in Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna, Italy, from September through December 1996. ... " (Wikipedia article)

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