Discography: (US) Forbes Magazine Article: "Hungry Boys Is The Latest Advertising Agency To Launch Its Own Record Label" (by Cherie Hu, 14 Apr 2016)

Contributed by admin on Apr 16, 2016

"Few record labels are digital-only. Even fewer labels make fans the tastemakers. Almost no labels are run by advertising agencies.

As a completely digital, social-powered record label run by Russian advertising agency Hungry Boys, Sound of Change defies all of these conventions. ...

... Passersby can film a short video of a street musician they like and post it to the Sound of Change website with the hashtag #soundofchange, including a geotag and the musician’s contact information in the description. Hungry Boys monitors the most popular musicians on the site and connects them with recording opportunities at nearby studios, the output of which is distributed through channels like iTunes and Google Play. "...

Visit the Forbes Magazine website to read the full article on this new alternative path to the recording studio.