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Discography: (DE) TYXart Record Company New CD Release: "Cantata per Flauto" (Tabea Debus & Ensemble) (20 May 2016)

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"Old" and "New" Music for Recorder & Ensemble

Tabea Debus, Recorder & Direction - Hongxia Cui & Katrin Ebert & Kerstin Fahr, Baroque violins - Johanna Brückner, Baroque viola - Lea Rahel Bader, Baroque cello & Viola da gamba - Niklas Sprenger, Double bass - Johannes Lang, H'chord & Organ - Kohei Ota, Theorbo & Baroque guitar

Works by Van Eyck, Jarzebski, Purcell, Sarro, Telemann, Hasse, Tsoupaki and Töpp ...

"Be it known that all musical instruments, in comparison to the human voice, are inferior to it. For this reason, we should endeavour to learn from it and to imitate it." This statement by Silvestro Ganassi from his treatise La Fontegara (1535) summarises the common approach to instrumental music-making from the 16th until the late 18th century. Ganassi and many other well-regarded musicians, composers and theorists discussed and reinforced the importance of imitating the human voice when playing music on any instrument. As Nikolaus Harnoncourt points out in his collection of essays, Baroque Music Today: Music As Speech: "Music prior to 1800 speaks, while subsequent music paints". It is therefore essential to be aware of the degree of language, rhetoric, syntax and grammar to be found in any composition of that period – be it with a text or without one. Still, it is up to the interpreter to decide whether the interpretation should primarily be led by speech and all its implied parameters or whether to allow the instrument's typical qualities to supplant the relationship with the text if necessary. ..."

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