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News 2016: (US) Unquiet Thoughts Blog: "Saturday morning quotes 6.4: Repetition"

Contributed by admin on Jun 12, 2016

"There is a great deal of repetition in our daily lives—in the familiar routines we follow from our waking moments, as a means of safety or efficiency in our work, or as embodied in rituals of worship.  Repetition is an important component of the process of learning and refinement, from a toddler taking his or her first steps to a violinist who is driven to internalize Bach’s solo Sonatas and Partitas. ...

Repetition in music can be seen as a necessary component of a practice routine that builds and refines physical mechanical response, a very important aspect of physical conditioning when one is trying to master a difficult instrument like the violin or the lute.  But repetition in music takes on a different meaning ..."

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