Books/Manuscript: (IT) Libreria Musical Italiana Book Release: "La scuola violoncellistica di Gaetano Ciandelli " (Enrica Donisi, 2016)

Contributed by admin on Sep 14, 2016

"The results obtained with this study aspire to dispel some misconceptions rooted in time, showing that the revival of the nineteenth century instrumental music in Italy is due to the cello School of Naples, thanks to the founder, Gaetano Ciandelli, his pupils Salvatore Pappalardo and Paolo Rotondo , and Isidoro Boubèe.  ...

... Ciandelli is also the founder of cello School of Rome, with Ferdinand Forino, who became a high-ranking member of the local chamber ensembles; Milan, with Magrini; Padua, with Baragli and Broglio, and other Italian cities. With successive generations the various branches of cello School took root not only in European countries, but also in countries outside Europe, such as Chile, with Luigi Stefano Giardia, and Argentina, with Luigi Forino (founder of the Conservatory in Buenos Aires "branch" of St. Cecilia in Rome), grafted into uncharted territory with regard to classical instrumental music." [Google Translate]

Edition:     Lucca, LIM, 2016 (Biblioteca Musicale Lim - Saggi)
Pages:     19 + 293
Format:     17 x 24 - paperback
ISBN:     9788870968620
Language:     Italiano

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