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Dance: (IT) Early Dance Post: "20 years of dreams, 1996- 2016" (26 Nov 2016)

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"Rome in Italy

To celebrate 20 years of 19th century dances here in Rome, under the expert guidance of Maestro Paolo Di Segni, we will welcome you at the Auditorium delle Fornaci, just off St. Peter’s square.

The musicians of the Orchestra del Teatro della Memoria will accompany our steps, with their usual flair and good humor: the  Maestri, we know from experience, are quite ready  to join us on the dance floor! ...

The evening is open to all lovers of 1860’s and there-about dances. We hope to have friends from all groups and nations. The programme is especially thought out for them: it will include both some of the best known quadrilles and dances that can be just joined in… and of course… waltzes!

A bubbly aperitif will help us while time away as we wait for all to arrive. An elegant candle-lit gala dinner will be laid out for us, all seated around tables sparkling with crystal and silver.

A lively evening to meet up with friends old and new!

Costume: 1860, white tie ...

The Dancing master

Paolo Di Segni

Born in Switzerland in 1960, Maestro Di Segni started his musical education following the Jaques-Dalcroze method. He specialized in historical dance under the guidance of well-known teachers such as Barbara Sparti, Francine Lancelott, and Sherley Winne.

Maestro Di Segni researches and reconstructs nineteenth-century ballroom dances, presenting them both as shows and overtures at balls, or by serving as Maître de Cérémonie. He regularly directs nineteenth-century balls in Rome (Palazzo Barberini, Palazzo Taverna, Hotel Quirinale, Borgo di Tragliata, and Accademia Nazionale di Danza)." ...

Visit the Early Dance website [2] to read the full post and for ticket availability.


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