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News 2016: (US) Unquiet Thoughts Blog: "Saturday morning quotes 6.20: Alt-Early Music I" (01 Oct 2016)

Contributed by admin on Oct 02, 2016

"Choosing a different path from the more conventionally traveled road is a matter of pride for many musicians and listeners who are deeply involved in early music.  Particularly during the early days of the revival, those who were attracted to the more transparent sound of gut-strung fiddles were dismissed by the mainstream as non-serious musicians, and modern masters even claimed that the artistic potential of J.S. Bach's works for solo violin could not possibly have been correctly realized until said masters arrived on the scene with their more highly evolved instruments, reliable strings, and 19th-century technique. ...

But any successful  movement demands leaders with a sense of direction and, in the arts, a very thick skin.  Braving the slings and arrows of conventional attitudes may possibly have been a bit easier before the age of the internet and the new yet familiar brand of "viral" mob behavior prevalent in social media platforms.  Nevertheless, stakes were high even in the rarefied world of the arts at a time when important social issues were coming to the fore. ..."

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