News 2016

News 2016: (US) The New York Times Article "Victoria’s Secrets: What the Royal Archives Didn’t Want You to Know About England’s Queen" (by Julia Baird, 19 Nov 2016)

Contributed by admin on Nov 22, 2016

"To work in the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle in England is one of the most delicious prizes for a researcher. Climbing the steps to the Round Tower, where you can read centuries-old correspondence between monarchs and their ministers, untie ribbons binding intimate family records and feel the parchment crackling in your fingers, is viscerally thrilling. ...

You are also, at every stage, reminded of the privilege it is. You must pass through several layers of security, dress appropriately and use only “non-propelling” pencils. Disconcertingly, visitors must expect to be escorted to the bathroom and searched before departure (to prevent the theft of precious documents)." ...

Visit The New York Times website to read the full and insightful article.