Dance: (UK) Historical Dance Society (HDS): "A Handefull of Pleasant Delites" (Crowcombe, Somerset UK, 27-29 Jan 2017)

Contributed by admin on Nov 22, 2016

"An Elizabethan Revel: Dancing, Music, Masking & Other Delights to Drive the Cold Winter Away

This event is open to all ‒ both experienced dancers and those with only an emergent interest in Elizabethan dances. The programme will be led by Anne Daye and Ann Hinchliffe from the Historical Dance Society. ...

On Friday evening, after dinner, there will be informal Elizabethan dancing – suitable for all.

Saturday morning offers Elizabethan and Italian dance workshops, for both experienced and nov- ice dancers, and there are various options for the afternoon, including rehearsals for a Masque to be performed at the Revel, music-making, and making a banquet. In the evening there will be the Revel ‒ for which we encourage you to wear period costume.

After a talk on the Tudor masque, Sunday morning workshops will be on la Volta, court dances for performance and country dances for fun. The event will finish after tea." ...

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