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News 2016: (ES) Murcia Today Article: "Repair works in Lorca palace reveal 18th century flute" (Oct 2016)

Contributed by admin on Nov 22, 2016

"Following the major earthquake which hit Lorca in May 2011, substantial repairs were required to many of the historic buildings in the city of Lorca, amongst them the Palacio de Guevara. During the repair works a flute was discovered, which has now been examined and found to be an eighteenth century instrument, a very rare find in Spain. ...

The type of flute found is usually referred to as a "baroque flute ", typically found after 1720, as it is divided into four pieces which fit together rather than the three sections generally used prior to this date. The flute sits within a simple carrying case of reddish wood, which appears to be cherry or cedar, and is plain for the period and quality of the instrument inside it." ...

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