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News 2016: (US) Public Radio International (PRI) Article: "Historians imagine what Paris sounded like in the 18th century" (by David Leveille, 21 Nov 2016)

Contributed by admin on Nov 24, 2016

"Imagine the sounds coming out of a busy blacksmith shop in an alleyway in Paris sometime back in the 18th century: the hammering of wrought iron, the rhythmic whoosh of air as the blacksmith uses a bellows to stoke a fire.

We have no recordings of the actual sounds of Paris in those early days, so to try and make those 18th-century streets and alleys of Paris come to life takes a bit of careful historical research and a little imagination.

That's where French musicologist Mylène Pardoen, who's been described as an "archaeologist of sound," comes in. She's created an "interpretation" of what Paris might have sounded like way back then. ...

Her latest, the "Sound of 18th Century Paris," takes you to a Paris you've literally never heard before. Listening to it is like being transported back to the Grand Châtelet neighborhood of Paris two centuries ago, said Pardoen in an interview on RTS Swiss Radio.

"On the Pont au Change, one of the relatively noisy bridges of Paris, there were a great many artisans of luxury items, such as jewelers, engravers, polishers. ... It is important to realize that during the 18th century there was" ...

Visit the Public Radio International website to read the full article.