Discography: (FR) "L'art du madrigal selon l'ensemble Voces suave" Review (by Jean-Marc Warszawski, 28 Nov 2016)

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"L'arte del madrigale, Œuvres de Monteverdi, Luzzaschi, Agostini, Gesualdo, etc., ensemble Voces Suave. Éditions Ambronay 2016 (AMY 306). Recorded in Jujurieux, 13-17 Apr. 2016.

Voces Suaves is a vocal ensemble of ten singers assembled by the baritone Tobias Wicky in 2012, essentially all from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, where are joined, as needed instrumentalists.

Their repertoire of predilection is music of the xvIth et xviith centuries with a preference for Italian repertoire. ...

 ... The madrigal testifies to the rising vitality of the Italian aristocracy, favoring a profane, dazzling scholarly acculturation, which will quickly colonize the princely courts and the high society of European urbanity. The Italian poets, from the fourteenth century, broke the monopoly of Latin to write in the vernacular." ...

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