(DE) Two New Titles Published by TREE EDITION for Renaissance Lute

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Francescho Bianchini: Tabulature de Lutz en diverses formes... Facimile of the second part of a publication, printed by Jacques Modern, Lyon, 1549

Fancies, chansons and dances by different authors, intabulated for Ren. Lute in Italian tablature. 31 folii / Italian tablature / Renaissance tuning . ..

The first part of J. Modern´s publication is entitled: G.P.Paladin: Tablature de lutz, en diverses sortes... and is also available from TREE in facsimile.


Fantasias and Recercars for Renaissance Lute collected, transcribed and edited by John H. Robinson

This edition is the second in a series of fantasias and recercars transcribed into French tablature from sources in German lute tablature. The present volume includes all fifty five of the lute solos titled fantasia or recercar found in manuscripts wholly or partly notated in German tablature dated between c.1520 and c.1580. The music is ordered chronologically by source, which shows the development from simpler free form recercars into the more complex polyphonic fantasia.

The music in the manuscript sources used for this edition is all notated in German tablature but is transcribed into French tablature here, which is more accessible to lutenists of the twenty first century. In the nineteenth and much of the twentieth century, lute music was transcribed into mensural notation, for guitar or keyboard.

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