Discography: (CZ) L'Armonia Terrena-Zdeněk Klauda New CD Release: "Jakub Jan Ryba - Stabat Matter" (ARTA Records, Nov 2016)

Contributed by admin on Dec 09, 2016

(Although performed on modern instruments, the Czech composer is noteworthy. -- Editor)

"Jakub Jan Ryba is wrongly regarded as a composer of only one piece: the czech christmas Mass, without which today it is impossible to imagine czech christmas. His legacy as a composer, however, is much more diverse than anyone could think. It reflects the richness of Ryba’s multifaceted talent, stemming in part from his conscious conceptual thinking but at the same time wholly imbued with spiritual charge with which Ryba, a deeply religious man, endowed all his works. ...

His musical talent, creative powers, congenital diligence and resilience predetermined him for the career of a professional musician and successful composer – but his fate, or, if you prefer, God led him in a somewhat different direction. ...

L’Armonia Terrena is a chamber orchestra initiated by the top quartet players of the middle generation: violinists Jan Valta and Daniela Oerterová, violist Jiří Žigmund and violoncellist Lukáš Polák. These experienced chamber players are coupled with excellent young soloists, crowned with success from international singing competitions, who in collaboration with this orchestra also often perform as soloists. L’Armonia terrena plays on modern instruments, but with a focus on the distinctiveness of the style of their repertoire.

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