Discography: (DK) Dacapo Records CD Release: "Heinrich Schütz - The Complete Narrative Works" (Oct 2016)

Contributed by admin on Dec 10, 2016

"This box set presents the complete narrative works (historiae) of Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) in the acclaimed new recordings featuring Ars Nova Copenhagen conducted by Paul Hillier. The engaging account of the six stories of Christmas, Passion and Resurrection in Schütz’ sublime Baroque settings is presented along with authoritative notes and the conductor’s own commentaries. ...

Ars Nova Copenhagen is widely recognized as one of the finest vocal ensembles in Europe. Founded in 1979, the ensemble today is busier than ever. In addition to its annual season of concerts in Copenhagen and throughout Denmark, the ensemble regularly appears across Europe, and in North and South America. At the heart of Ars Nova Copenhagen's work is its equal dedication to early music and new music. Some programs explore the cross-currents between the two, while others form detailed portraits of individual composers or genres within a given period." ...

Ars Nova Copenhagen
Concerto Copenhagen
Paul Hillier, conductor
Jakob Bloch Jespersen, bass
Johan Linderoth, tenor
Linnéa Lomholt, alto
Julian Podger, tenor
Adam Riis, tenor
Sirius Viols
Else Torp, soprano

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