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News 2016: (UK) Fugue State Films Crowdfunding: "Max Reger: The Last Giant" (to be released in early 2017)

Contributed by admin on Dec 21, 2016

News from Fugue State Films regarding the status of their crowdfunding project of "Max Reger: The Last Giant".

As of mid-December: "Thanks to your support, we have reached a milestone with our Reger crowdfunding. We have now raised a grand total of:

£85,908. This is 95% of our goal of £90,000! We've got just £4,092 left to go. ...

For release in early 2017. A vast survey of Max Reger's best music for organ, as well as orchestral, chamber and instrumental works. Organists include Graham Barber, Bernhard Buttmann and Bernhard Haas. 6 DVDs : 80 page booklet..

Max Reger (1873 – 1916) is one of the most important composers of organ music after Bach. He wrote magnificent chorale based and free works that revived baroque forms such as the passacaglia and fugue, all the while taking chromatic harmony to new limits of expressiveness. He was massively prolific and wrote in every genre except opera. It is said he never wrote a symphony but several of his works qualify for that title. His anniversary year provides the opportunity for a celebration of his work, especially as a lot of his music is not well known. Reger is also a great mainstream composer who wrote vast amounts of orchestral, chamber and instrumental music, and this DVD aims to bring this wonderful music greater recognition.

Please click here to support our Reger crowdfunding – we've passed the two-thirds mark!