Discography: (CH) Tobie Miller debut CD - Crowdfunding: "Bach for hurdy gurdy"

Contributed by admin on Dec 21, 2016

"My name is Tobie Miller, and I am a Canadian hurdy gurdy player based in Basel, Switzerland. 

The music of J.S. Bach has followed me throughout my musical life as a sort of leitmotif. I grew up listening to and playing his music in so many different and varied forms - both original versions and adaptations - that it was a natural next step to adapt some of Bach's most beautiful solo works for my instrument. Bach's music is often described as "universal", and has been transcribed, adapted and adopted by and for numerous different instruments and musical genres. However, this is the first time that Johann Sebastian Bach's music has been recorded on the hurdy gurdy! ...

This project represents the culmination of many years of hard work, adapting and transcribing this music for my instrument, thinking outside the box, while still trying not to completely re-invent the wheel (pun intended). 


This recording consists of my original transcriptions of J.S. Bach's cello Suites I and II (G Major and D Minor), as well as his E Major violin Partita.  The CD will be released on the Raumklang label in 2017. ...

Visit the Tobie Miller crowdfunding website for more details and of disk availability. Also visit the Tobie Miller website for more information of the artist.