News 2016

News 2016: (US) The Austin Chronicle Article: "Not Very Statesman-like" (by Seth Orion Schwaiger, 23 Dec 2016)

Contributed by admin on Dec 24, 2016

(A growing trend in media outlets of releasing their art critic journalists and closing down these departments should worry us. Here again is another example of such a closure.)

"There is a continual conversation about the lack of support for the arts in Austin that is so pervasive at openings and afterparties that it serves as a sort of dark, loathsome substitute for small talk. While universally accepted that funds are in short supply, there are signs that the scene is by other measures healthy. ...

Then there are the two sources for regular public consumption of arts journalism and criticism: the always-free and ever-trustworthy weekly Austin Chronicle and the daily Austin American-Statesman. Guided by two longtime arts advocates, Robert Faires (who edited this article) and Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, respectively, these outlets provide a broad readership with context and insight into what Austin arts have to offer.

But that will change very soon. ...

Visit The Austin Chronicle website to read the full article.