Dance: (CZ) Baroque dance workshop with Robert Le Nuz (16-19 Feb 2017)

Contributed by admin on Dec 27, 2016

Location: Prague

"Historical dance workshop will focuse on reconstruction of Sarabande d'Issé, theatrical dance for a couple (man and woman). Among different versions of this choreography of sarabande à deux, extract from Issé by Destouches, we have chosen to work on the choreography created by Mr. Pécour and notated by Mr. Gaudrau (1713). ...

As a couple dance it offers the whole range of patterns, steps, arm movements, and expression that two dancers could wish for and it is set to a beautiful, lingering melody. This example of dance in french baroque style develops a very strong relation to space, involving reflexion over intimate space in between the two dancers." ...

Visit the website to read the full details of the workshop.