Discography: (CZ) Arte Records CD Release: "Jan Dismas Zelenka: Psalmi Vespertini II - Ensemble Inégal, Adam Viktora"

Contributed by admin on Jan 11, 2017

Gabriela Eibenová, Lenka Cafourková – soprano;
Filippo Mineccia – alto; Tobias Hunger – tenor;
Marián Krejčík, Jiří Miroslav Procházka – bass
Ensemble Inégal, the Prague Baroque Soloists conducted by Adam Viktora

This is Arta Records second CD installment of the "Jan Dismas Zelenka: Psalmi Vespertin" set.

"Beginning late in 1725 and ending towards the end of 1728, he composed three cycles of 33 compositions for Vespers. Each cycle begins with a setting of the psalm Dixit Dominus and then develops to serve one or more Vespers sequences. Thus, the psalm texts set by Zelenka for this entire project could be used for almost every Vespers service of the liturgical year (Psalms for Saturday Vespers before the four Sundays of Advent, Saturday Vespers before Septuagesima, and Vespers of Wednesday of Holy Week were not set by Zelenka). ...

In 1726, Zelenka began to enter these psalm settings into his Inventarium rerum Musicarum Ecclesiae servientium – the personal inventory of sacred music that he began to keep on 17 January of that year. The 33 Vespers works were listed as a distinct collection under the heading of psalms for the whole year (Psalmi Vespertini |totius anni. | Joannis Dismae Zelenka. | qui habentur in libris). Surprisingly, these entries did not begin with the earliest settings of 1725, but with the cycle Zelenka began to compose in 1726. The original, earliest cycle of 1725 heard in this recording then was listed as the second cycle." ...

Visit the Arta Records website for more information of the CD as well as audio samples. Note that the text is in Czech, but more information in English may be found on the bottom link to the CD vol. 1 page.

Visit the Ensemble Inégal website for more information of the ensemble.