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Early Music Concerts 2010-2011: (US) Les Délices Season Preview: a Conversation with Debra Nagy ( (2010 Nov. 2)

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For its 2010-2011 season, Les Délices’ founder and artistic director Debra Nagy has once again dug deep into her imagination and created three unique programs that are a sure bet to enthrall Northeast Ohio lovers of early music. Since the group’s founding in 2006, Les Délices has quickly established a reputation for polished, expressive, and dynamic performances of masterpieces and little-known works from the French Baroque. And each season the ensemble brings together artists who share a passion for this beguiling yet seldom heard repertoire. Their performances on period instruments allow them to explore a rich tapestry of tone colors, and the group's name conveys their approach to the music of this era: a delight, a fine delicacy, sumptuous, and exciting. 

The planning of Les Délices’ programs is an ongoing process that can take months, if not years to bring to the stage. “I have a file on my computer called “Les Délices Brainstorming”, so I am always thinking and developing ideas for new programs,” says Debra Nagy.

I asked Debra if she could talk me through the three concerts.

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