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Author: Oesterley, W O E
Published: 1923, 2010

This work surveys a wide spread of old rites, practised during initiations, puberty, marriages, burials, and other major events of life. Relying on ornamental artwork on pottery and on ancient inscriptions and literature, the author examines, among other topics, Old Testament terms for 'dancing,' and forms of musical accompaniment in the time of the Hebrews; the sacred processional dance, performed by Hittites, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and other peoples; the ritual dance around sacred objects; and sacred dances performed during harvests and other festivals.

Students of bygone civilizations, dancers, choreographers, and anyone interested in the history of this age-old art form will find this text of immense value. The chapters include: The origin and purposes of the sacred dance; The sacred dance among the Israelites, Old Testament terms for 'dancing', The sacred processional dance and dances in honour of supernatural powers, The ritual dance round a sacred object, The ecstatic dance, The sacred dance at vintage, harvest, and other festivals, Dances in celebration of victory, The sacred dance as a marriage rite, and Dancing as a mourning and burial rite.

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