News 2011

News 2011: (US) The Counter Tenor Voice: An Online Journal -- Welcome to Our Second Issue

Contributed by Admin on Feb 06, 2011

Snow be damned, we have managed to pull together our sophomore issue! And what an issue we have for you.  Nature’s Way:  Vocal Production in Social Context by Dr. Peter Hennen, and my article, How to Handle Spelling Händel, cover topics close to the countertenor experience.

Dr. Hennen’s article is particularly fascinating, addressing the historical phenomenon of high male singing through the lens of societal gender norms. This is pretty ground breaking stuff. Guest reviewer Frank Richards offers a thorough review of Clerestory’s debut studio CD, Night Draws Near, complete with audio samples. And we launch a new series called A Day in the Life…

To read the complete issue visit the The Counter Tenor Voice: An Online Journal website.