Early Music Concerts 2010-2011

Early Music Concerts 2010-2011: (US) Venice and Versailles -- Concert by The Four Nations Ensemble (2011-02-21)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 14, 2011

Venice and Versailles
The Four Nations Ensemble
Christine Brandes, soprano

Music of Couperin, Leclair, Caldara, Strozzi and Hasse
25th Anniversary New York Concert Series
Monday, February 21/2011 at 8pm
The New Church
114 East 35 Street
New York City

Stand at the end of the Grand Canal, look out over the lagoon and watch the sunset. With the city behind you and the sea in front, you are witnessing an act of human triumph, even if temporary, over nature. The Venetians have created a stage set for life over the never-ending forces of the sea.

Stand in the King’s apartments at Versailles looking west as the sun sets at the far end of the canal. The axis of the garden directs your eye to the exact spot where Louis has allowed the sun to set. The Palace, the garden and society here is an act of molding nature, human nature and the world’s nature, into a graceful and logical form. 

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