Books/Manuscript: (US) Spring 2011 issue of Early Music America Magazine

Contributed by Admin on Apr 17, 2011

Early Music America has published the Spring 2011 issue of its quarterly publication, Early Music America magazine.

Appearing in this issue:

  • How Early Music Helped to Save Western Civilization
  • A Paean to the Italian Harpsichord
  • The Hows and Whys of Adam de la Halle’s “Robin & Marion”
  • 2011 Guide: Workshops and Festivals
  • EMA’s Young Performers Festival Premiers at Boston Early Music Festival June 13-18, 2011
  • Profile: Ars Lyrica Houston by Craig Zeichner
  • In Conclusion: An Early Music Time Capsule by Anthony Martin
  • Plus Recording Reviews, Book Reviews, and Sound Bytes (news from the field).
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