Workshops/Festivals 2011

Workshops/Festivals 2011: (FR) Rencontres internationales de l' Abbaye de Vignogoul (2011 July 22-31)

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An early music festival, workshops and masterclasses in the Abbey of Vignogoul near Montpellier.

Courses for all levels : workshop and individual courses - Consorts - Chamber music - Theoric courses
Master classes : viola da gamba and baroque flute

Instruction for early music enthusiasts and modern instrumentalists with an interest in Baroque and Renaissance music. All baroque intruments and singers welcome !

  • Viola da gamba, baroque Violin & Violoncello
  • Baroque flute
  • Harpsichord, basso continuo and improvisation
  • All other baroque instruments welcome

Music Directors   

  • Alain Cahagne (Ensemble "Langue d'OC" or "Les Baricades Misterieuses")
  • José Vazquez (Ensemble "Orpheon")

Artistic Direction   

  • Françoise Di-Tucci (Artistic Director "Arts Signal")
  • Claudine Salomon (President and webmaster "France-Orpheon")

Musicians (Concerts and Courses)    

  • José Vázquez : Viola da gamba, baroque violins, ensemble conducting
  • Alain Cahagne : Harpsichord, basso continuo, improvisation and coordination.
  • Lúcia Krommer : Viloa da gamba and baroque cello
  • Christa Opriessnig : Baroque violin, viola da gamba
  • Philippe Suzanne : Baroque flute
  • Ewald Donhoffer : Harpsichord, ensembles
  • Jean Pierre Lanté : Tai Chi

Visit the (France-Orpheon) Rencontres internationales de l' Abbaye de Vignogoul web pages for more information.