Early Music Concerts 2010-2011

Early Music Concerts 2010-2011: (NL) Pergolesi: The Zenith (Holland Baroque Society Concert) (2011 May 13-22)

Contributed by Admin on May 02, 2011

Pergolesi's Stabat Mater is like the snowdrop: a tender flower, poking, fragile, above the snow, well ahead of spring.

Not much later, and all of Europe realised that a new period had been announced by this little jewel. Music at the highest peak of the Baroque. 'Mortensen was on terrific form. (...) He dazzled us with his energy, virtuosity and rhythmic verve, none of it self-serving.' Stabat Mater by G.B. Pergolesi, framed by instrumental works of Durante (Concerto la Pazzia), Vivaldi and their contemporaries.

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