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News 2011: (CA) -- Weblinks pages has reached over 2,000 sites

Contributed by Admin on May 06, 2011

Connecting, resourcing, advertising and web presence are many of the “raisons d’être” for the existence one’s website. Recently, has catalogued over 2,000 currently active websites. The websites span over 46 categories, residing on many continents, countries and cities.

The proliferation of websites and Internet opportunities, as well as the rise of social networking, have opened up new opportunities for the early music community to mark its accomplishments as well as to show its resolve to trumpet its place in the world of music.

Please do visit our “Weblinks” pages and do help support the early music world by lending your support to these groups. The exchange of information is what drives our appreciation of the art of what once was.

Marc Paré