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News 2011: (NL) Fortepiano Restoration Techniques at Beunk & Wennink early pianos

Contributed by Admin on May 09, 2011

The workshop has facilities for all sorts of woodwork and every aspect of the restoration is executed on the premises. We were taught by experience that good results are only possible after a full restoration.

Early pianos are almost always warped by the string tension over the years. This causes a change in the inner scaling - resulting in a non-sounding treble. The pianofortes were built using bone glue which is a good material, but one that gets brittle and loses its strength after 150-200 years. Glued joints let loose and - important for the sound - cracks and loose ribs take away life from the soundboard. …

Visit the  Beunk & Wennink early pianos for more on this topic as well as photos of fine fortepianos.