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Workshops/Festivals 2011: (IE) Eighth Biennial Conference for Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Belfast, Ireland) (2011 July 21-24)

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Since its inception in 1997, the Biennial Conference on Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain has established itself as one of the most significant musicological meetings in the academic calendar.

In an area that has seen an upsurge in scholarly interest in the past two decades, it attracts established scholars and students alike from Europe, North America and Australia. Recent venues have included Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham and Bristol; papers given at several of these conferences have later been published in collections of essays by Ashgate publishing, as part of their Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain series. 

 In 2011 the conference takes place in Belfast, the first time that the event has been held outside England. Reflecting this fact, a theme of the conference is ‘Britain beyond England’, concentrating on the extent to which British identity in the nineteenth century contained elements that were Scottish, Irish and Welsh, existed in contexts that extended far beyond the British Isles, and, musically, was enriched by the presence of musicians from outside England, whether from Europe or from further afield.

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