Early Music Concerts 2010-2011

Early Music Concerts 2010-2011: (NY) New Music for the Band (2011 June 05)

Contributed by Admin on Jun 01, 2011

“Harpsichord Unlimited presents New Music for the Band, the 14th annual new music concert by the QCB. This year's group of composers includes new creations by both old friends (Robert Baksa, Stephen Kemp, Elodie Lauten and David MacDonald) and new (Michael Cohen and Eugene McBride).

Elodie's two songs ( Poem or Proem* and The Exotic World of Speed and Beauty) as well as Eugene's Sonnet 76* feature our redoubtable countertenor Marshall Coid,with accompaniments by the entire ensemble. Michael Cohen selected the same instrumentation for his Fantasie *(flute, oboe, cello and harpsichord) that Elliot Carter used in his famous harpsichord quartet. Kemp's Sinfonia Concertante* resembles a mini-concerto for harpsichord and strings while MacDonald's Sonata da Camera* brings The Queen's Chamber Trio (Zubrycki, Seidenberg & Comparone) together for a Stravinsky-influenced "hoe-down." Marsha Heller's warm and expressive oboe-playing illumines Baksa's Sonata for Oboe and Harpsichord.**

Additional QCB participants include flutist Karla Moe, violinist Lori Abbott, guest violist, Julie Goodale and returning favorite, guest bassist Tomoya Aomori.

*World Premiere

**New York City Premiere”

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