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Workshops (misc.): 2007 Early Keyboard Music Cycle (Buenos Aires – Argentina)

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This is our sixth consecutive year that we are offering an international concert Cycle focused o­n early keyboard instruments such as the harpsichord, the spinet, the virginal, the muselaar, the fortepiano, and the historic organ.

For the 2007 Cycle, we have not yet the support to incloude of master classes, talks with musical examples and commented concerts, with the pourpose of better divulging the art of playing o­n period instruments. By now, we have just programmed some concerts scheduled already last year for this o­ne, and will be anounced when confirmated. We are searching for people to join the team and colaborate with the management of the Cycle.

Sugested by many of the people who attended the formers editions, the Cycle will be supported by a $20 Contribution Bonus (argentine pesos = USD 7) for concerts. Like last year, we added the chance to support the Cycle as Benefactor or Protector, giving them admision free for two people to all events and the mention of them in printed programs, and an enhanced mention or advertisement for Sponsors. ... (more)

2006 Cycle was carried in benefit to the restoration of the Forster & Andrews organ (1882), historical relic and magnificent instrument located in the First Evangelic Methodist Church, placed in Corrientes Av. 718, downtown Buenos Aires. Our colaboration was not great, but helped for the restorations that is going o­n now with a subside of the Buenos Aires's City Goverment and the money got in the benefit concerts that took place last year in this nice church built in 1874. The organ and details of the church are shown in the website Main Pipe Organs of Argentina, developed by David Merello and Rafael Ferreyra, in the address: [2]

You are all invited to contact, join us and colaborate to mantain this cultural resource we have installed in our loved city..


Leopoldo Pérez Robledo (Artistic Director)
Harpsichord Maker [3]

For furter information, please contact:
Leopoldo Pérez Robledo: [4]

or visit my Web Site [5]


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